UVP8 Sterilizer Units

High Output ultraviolet sterilizers ranging from 86 to 476 watts. Both the UVP8-620 and the UVP-640 are built with tough schedule 80 plastic for commercial grade or professional installations. This series can be custom ordered to accommodate 2", 3", 4" or 6" inlet and outlets. Stand and power supply included. W Lim U.V. Lights - Patent Pending, UL Pending, EPA-8459

EPA EST. No. 84519-CA-001





UVP-8 620 Sterilizer Units

Item # Description Price
3503-86 UVP8-620 Ultraviolet Sterilizer 86W High Output $1219.00
3503-172 UVP8-620 Ultraviolet Sterilizer 2-86W Lamps (172W) High Output $1669.00
3503-258 UVP8-620 Ultraviolet Sterilizer 3-86W Lamps (258W) High Output $1999.00
3503-344 UVP8-620 Ultraviolet Sterilizer 4-86W Lamps (344W) High Output $2549.00

UVP-8 620 Replacement Parts

Item # Description Price
3505-20-L UVP8-620 Replacement Lamp High Output 86W (New Low Price) $119.00
3506-20-Q UVP8-620 Quartz Sleeve for 86W lamp $85.00
3507-20-B UVP8-620 Replacement Ballast for 86W Lamp $115.00
3507-20-P UVP8-620 Power Supply for 86W Lamp $169.00

UVP-8 640 Sterilizer Units

Item # Description Price
3504-119 UVP8-640 Ultraviolet Sterilizer 119W High Output $1289.00
3504-238 UVP8-640 Ultraviolet Sterilizer 2-119W Lamps (238W) High Output $1849.00
3504-357 UVP8-640 Ultraviolet Sterilizer 3-119W Lamps (357W) High Output $2249.00
3504-476 UVP8-640 Ultraviolet Sterilizer 4-119W Lamps (476W) High Output $2779.00

UVP-8 640 Replacement Parts

Item # Description Price
3505-40-L UVP8-640 Replacement Lamp High Output 119W (New Low Price) $139.00
3506-40-Q UVP8-640 Quartz Sleeve for 119W $105.75
3507-40-B UVP8-640 Replacement Ballast for 119W Lamp $115.00
3507-40-P UVP8-640 Power Supply for 119W Lamp $169.00

Included in the UVP8 series ultraviolet sterilizers are T6 Ultraviolet lamps, which are high output lamps that provide more punch then standard T5 lamps. This permits better performance and faster flows.

Installing this model of UV in a vertical position improves water contact time because of the way the water rises up... Testing has proven that vertical installs results in better performance... (W Lim)

Don't believe marketing of manufacturers making claims that UV light reflects off of Stainless Steel to improve double expossure. Its simply not true. (According to a leading UV research lab.)